Spring Has Sprung! Call Today To Schedule Your Spring Dental Cleaning!

Spring is officially here! Along with the shifting, warmer weather and blossoming trees and bushes (hello, allergies!), spring feels like a time of change, growth, and prosperity. Spring is a time when many of us are excited to clean out our closets, get rid of old clutter and cobwebs in the home, and start some fun projects around the house.... read more »

Celebrate Our Dentists and Dental Assistants the Month of March!

March is the month for the dental community. Every year at this time, we honor National Dentist’s Day (March 6th) and Dental Assistants Recognition Week in the first full week in March (March 7-13, 2021). These days recognize and say thank you to our fellow dentists and dental assistants for helping people take great care of their teeth. Spring is... read more »

Don’t Let a Preventable Dental Emergency Sideline Your Oral Health

Winter is almost here, and sports activities can find a way to bring a dental emergency into your life during the busy holiday season. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, swimming, or surfing, accidents can happen. It can mean running into a tree while sledding, falling on your face at an ice skating rink, or knocking a tooth out... read more »

What do I do if I hate to use floss?

By Dr. Nicole Mariano One very common comment that people make is that they hate to floss. Not because they are unable to floss, but because they hate using the string. They have never liked it. So I am going to talk about a few alternatives to dental floss and flossers. These items are relatively inexpensive and will make a... read more »

Causes of TMD

By Dr. Nicole Mariano Temporomandibular joint disease, also known as TMD, is a group of common conditions that causes pain in the ear, muscles of the head and neck, jaw joints and teeth. Most people have heard of TMD or at least someone who has a symptom of the disease. These include jaw pain, clicking and popping, clenching, ear pain... read more »

Ear Pain Caused by Your Jaw Joint?

By Dr. Nicole Mariano Every day people call their physicians thinking that they have an ear infection. Their ear just plain hurts. They miss work, change their schedule around and/or use sick time to rush to their doctor’s office. After waiting for the appointment and getting checked out, they find out they need to see their dentist because they have... read more »

5G Radiation

By Dr. Nicole Mariano Nikola Telsa is famous for discovering and developing the field of electromagnetics. His discoveries and insight has led to the development of modern electricity, cell phones, induction motors and much more. These inventions have changed the course of history and greatly improved the human experience. With such great advances, there are negative side effects. One is... read more »