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A dental master plan is a personalized dental plan that moves each patient towards optimal health and wellness.  Every master plan is tailored to the specific wants, needs and goals of each patient.  The pace of the Master Plan is not as important as having a master plan BEFORE any work in completed.

The Master Plan is your stepping stone to a better life.  The Master Plan is a document that you help create and based on 3 specific areas of prevention:

  1. Primary prevention – predicting disease before it occurs and preventing it
  2. Secondary prevention – detecting disease early and eliminating it
  3. Tertiary prevention – rejuvenation of defects caused by disease. This allows you to move to Primary prevention.

The Process

During your first visit to the office, you will meet with Dr. Nicole to discuss your dental story.  No matter how long or short your story is, everyone has one.  Your story is unique and illuminates the predisposing factors, triggers and ongoing dental issues you are facing.  This will determine where your dental health was in the past.

The next step will be to co-discover your current health status.  This is done through a complete exam focused on co-discovering your gum health, cavity presence, filling health, jaw joint health and muscle health.  It is during the exam that we will begin to uncover the underlying causes of your symptoms and identify the ways in which your story manifests itself in your mouth and body.

Once the examination is complete, you will again sit with Dr. Nicole to create your personal master plan.  The master will be individualized to your wants, needs and goals.  This is done by determining the dental issues that are present, the cause of your disease and prevention of disease in the future.  By putting all of your risks into the mix and developing the structure to change the environment toward health and wellness, you will have the greatest impact on stopping this progression of disease.

Your Master Plan will focus on your choice of:

  • Patchwork dentistry – focusing on only the urgent
  • Phased long term health – stabilizing, protecting, and preventing disease
  • BioRejuvenation – once disease is controlled, rejuvenating defects in the most lasting manner taking into consideration form, function, comfort, health, esthetics, and longevity.

Everything that we do is focused on you and helps you make the best decision that is in your own best self interest.