Bioesthetic dentistry is an approach to dental treatment that focuses on diagnosing and treating the cause of tooth wear and chewing system disharmony. The natural form and function of your teeth, bite, muscles and jaw joints are collectively known as the “chewing system.” This system is designed to protect your mouth from harm and help you maintain good oral health.

Common symptoms of chewing system disharmony include:

Bioesthetic dentistry addresses the root causes of these problems to create a stable jaw joint position and restore the teeth. The goal of bioesthetic dentistry is to establish a perfect harmony between all parts of your mouth and restore your teeth to their optimal size and relationship. The final results of any bioesthetic treatment should be a healthy, highly functional, beautiful smile.

When you visit our office, our team will perform a thorough investigation of your tooth positions and the way your teeth fit and work together in order to accurately diagnose the problem and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

For more information about the benefits of bioesthetic dentistry and to schedule your consultation with our caring dentist, please call our office today. We look forward to helping you regain a healthy, beautiful smile.