Biorejuvenation is a biology-based approach to revitalizing your entire chewing system. It focuses on restoring the mouth back to its original health by diagnosing and addressing the root cause of the disease and dysfunction.

What Makes Biorejuvenation Unique?
Biorejuvenation dentistry is different than traditional dentistry, because it is focused on diagnosing the root cause of each patient’s issues, instead of simply treating the symptoms. For example, in traditional dentistry a fractured tooth would be treated with a cap that will try to prevent it from breaking in the future. It does not address the true cause of the tooth breaking which is an unstable bite.

Biorejuvenation dentistry takes a much different approach. The first step would be to determine what is causing the tooth to break and focusing on preventing it from breaking in the future. Once the cause of the disease is addressed, then the tooth will be restored back to health. Because the cause of the disease has been addressed, the tooth has a very low risk of breaking again in the future.

Biorejuvenation dentistry has been around for years. However, the practice of minimally invasive composite dentistry techniques are fairly recent additions and are truly cutting edge. Minimally invasive biorejuvenation can often be completed without the need for crowns or other types of invasive dental work. This results in a conservative and beautiful approach that allows patients to keep their teeth from the damage of traditional dentistry.

The Biorejuvenation Dentistry Process
Biorejuvenation dentistry begins with a complete evaluation of your airway, jaw joint and teeth to create a specialized, custom treatment plan designed specifically for you. Dr. Nicole Mariano accomplishes this with a 3D cone beam scan of your chewing system and a thorough examination of the TMJ muscles. We also take photographs and create 3D models of your teeth mounted in a jaw-simulator in order to replicate your chewing and jaw movements. This allows us to define all failing aspects of your chewing system and how we need to move forward to restore your damaged teeth and jaw structure.

Moving forward, we replicate the four characteristics needed for a healthy chewing system and beautiful smile. This creates a mouth and smile that enjoys comfort, health and optimized aesthetics. To achieve these four characteristics, we review the following:
Airway Health: Until recently, the airway was overlooked by dentistry as causing dental issues. However, airway and respiratory problems have been found to be a major contributing factor to TMJ and tooth issues. A small airway, sleep apnea, upper airway resistance and other airway issues lead to disastrous medical and dental issues.

TMJ Health: Unfortunately, TMJ health is usually overlooked in traditional dentistry, but we understand the importance of having a stable jaw joint position. Poor TMJ health leads to disastrous dental health and potential teeth deterioration.

Proper Bite Form: A correct upper-to-lower teeth relationship is vital to preventing clenching, grinding and teeth deterioration. When proper bite form is accomplished, your facial and jaw muscles can finally relax, resulting in a more youthful, softened look.

Proper Tooth Form: The correct teeth shape provides you with optimal chewing comfort and efficiency. This also provides beautiful aesthetics and gives you confidence whenever you smile.

Once all four characteristics are replicated to give you a successful chewing system, you will immediately benefit from a highly functioning, comfortable bite along with a beautiful smile!

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