During your first visit to our office, you will meet with Dr. Nicole to discuss your dental story. No matter how long or short your story is, everyone has one. Your story is unique and illuminates the predisposing factors, triggers, and ongoing dental issues you are facing. This will determine where your dental health was in the past.

The next step will be to co-discover your current health status. This is done through a complete exam focused on co-discovering your foundation, chewing system and healthy self. It is during the exam that we will begin to uncover the underlying causes of your signs and symptoms and identify the ways in which your story manifests itself in your mouth and body.

I am looking to help my TMJ

Proper treatment of TMD requires a multi-step approach. With special focus on our TMJ therapy services, Dr. Nicole Mariano is completely equipped to create a one-on-one treatment plan that addresses your airway obstruction issues.

I want the space between
my teeth filled

BioRejuvination dentistry is a technique used to balance the chewing system once the oral foundation is healthy and stable. This is the beginning of a long-term solution to unbalanced chewing issue. If you have any questions about BioRejuvination dentistry, we encourage you to contact us today.

Temporomandibular Joint Disease

TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, occurs when the jaw joint becomes stressed, injured, or misaligned. We can help you determine the cause of your TMD and recommend the appropriate treatment. Treatments depend on the cause and severity of your case, and may include facial relaxation exercises, lifestyle changes, restorative dental treatments, a mouth guard or night guard, or jaw surgery.
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BioRejuvenation Dentistry

Once you have a healthy and stable oral foundation, BioRejuvenation dentistry can be used to balance your chewing system. BioRejuvenation is the process used to keep your bite balanced by adding the enamel, as well as adding white feeling, to your teeth so that you are always biting evenly.
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Smart Amalgam Removal

The SMART Amalgam removal technique is designed to eliminate Mercury exposure for a patient, the dentist, and their staff when removing amalgam fillings. It is imperative to remove fillings in a safe fashion, as doing so incorrectly can lead to mercury poisoning. The SMART protocol uses oxygen, a dental dam, full body covering, swallowing a charcoal slurry, lots of water and an air infiltration system that removes Mercury.
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BioClear is a new type of filling technique that works by changing the shape of a filling hole to be more smooth and rounded, as opposed to previous methods which resulted in sharply angled holes. This has led to a reduction in fractured teeth, smaller and longer lasting fillings, and much more.
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VIVOS is a revolutionary treatment option for individuals who have issues with their chewing system. This therapy stimulates three-dimensional growth of the head and neck, which increases the size of the sinuses and airways, helps teeth fit together in a healthier way, and more. Most importantly, it treats the root cause of chewing system imbalance.
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  • I can’t say enough about these wonderful ppl, I just left there feeling like I had a therapy session !! They’re all so unbelievably caring , not to mention hysterical lol !! I highly suggest giving them a try!! You won’t have a better dental experience anywhere els I promise!!


  • I have never met such caring people in a dentist office before. Nicole is amazing. Tom, Kim and Sarah are great people. You feel very relaxed and welcomed.

    KATHY P.

  • Outstanding! Dr. Nichole is extremely thorough and professional while still giving a strong feeling of family She and her staff take great car to insure you are comfortable and fully understand the treatment. Tom is great and easy to deal with and he fully explains the costs and insurance. I have always had difficulyt getting myself to the dentist, Dr. Nichole makes it so much easire because she cares.