What is VIVOS and how can it improve your oral health?

True oral health is divided into three areas. These are a healthy foundation, healthy chewing system and healthy self. VIVOS is a treatment option for individuals who have issues with their chewing system. VIVOS is a revolutionary therapy that stimulates three-dimensional growth of the head and neck. This expansion does many wonderful things. It increases the size of the sinuses and airway, helps the teeth fit together in a healthy way, helps stabilized TMD, improves sleep and enhances your overall health. Most importantly, it treats the root cause of a chewing system imbalance. This is craniofacial under development.

How does VIVOS Work?

VIVOS works in a revolutionary way. Your teeth are held in place by fibers that attach each tooth to the jawbone. The nerd word for these fibers is the periodontal ligament. In between these fibers are stem cells. VIVOS works by stimulating these stem cells through vibration. The VIVOS therapy has springs that touch the teeth. These springs vibrate when you breathe, chew, clench, grind and move. This vibration triggers the stem cells to become active. They grow bone and soft tissue. This growth causes three-dimensional expansion of the head and neck.
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Why do we need VIVOS?

Everyone’s genes has the blueprint to grow large enough to fit all 32 teeth in our mouths comfortably. If we develop properly, we should not need braces (orthodontics), snore, sleep soundly and should not need our wisdom teeth out.

How do we know this is true? During the 1950’s a dentist by the name of Weston Price embarked on a quest to study health. He traveled to different isolated areas of the world. While there, he studied the growth and development of the people in these locations. What he found was that these remote groups had not been exposed to the “western world.” Unlike developed areas, they had fully developed head and necks. They comfortably fit all 32 teeth in their mouths with no need for braces or wisdom teeth removal. From his research, he realized that there was and still is an epidemic of craniofacial underdevelopment in the western world.


When the stem cells are triggered to become active, they cause growth in the skull bones, bone around the teeth and jaw bones. This growth causes three-dimensional growth and expansion of the head and neck. The bones get larger and wider. The sinuses gets bigger in size, the face becomes more symmetrical, teeth have more space and become aligned, the tongue has more space to move, the top and bottom jaws become symmetrical, sleep improves and you feel better. The body’s grows to the size and shape you were suppose to grow to as a child. You will stop once you reach this size and shape. The is the amazing part of the VIVOS system. Even as adults, you can stimulate the body to

The VIVO causes growth. The growth will cause a change in how you look. This change is for the better. It will improve your looks by making your face more symmetrical, reducing a gummy smile, smoothing noses and even making people look younger.

Craniofacial underdevelopment is caused by many different things. These include: lack of breastfeeding, soft diets (Gerber, pureed food, puffs, etc.), allergies, asthma, childhood illness (strep throat, colds, flu, etc.), air pollution and white sugar in the diet.

For the Google physicians/dentists out there, search for information about epigenetic orthodontics. This will give you a more technical description of what is happening and why VIVOS is so amazing.

Your Healthcare Team

Craniofacial underdevelopment affects more than just teeth and the chewing system. It affects your sinuses, ears, sleep, airway, and neck. As a result, it takes a team of healthcare practitioners to truly treat the root cause. These team members include a myofunctional therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist, ENT, cranial-sacral therapist and sleep physician.

With the help of these healthcare specialist, VIVOS therapy will be more effective, and you will feel better faster.

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