BioClear Fillings – an innovative veneer alternative.

Over the last twenty years, there has been advances in dental technology. One of these changes has been the development of white fillings. They are now as strong as metal/silver fillings and match the color of teeth better than ever before.

What are BioClear Fillings

Despite the advances in filling material, we have been placing filling into teeth the same way as 100 years ago. One hundred years ago, white fillings were not around. Instead only gold and silver(amalgam) material was available. Dentists were unable to bond fillings to the teeth. This caused a really big problem. So how did dentists overcome this?
The dentist puts sharp undercut angles into the filling shape. These angles create undercuts. When the filling is placed, it cannot come out of the tooth. This technique is great for getting fillings to stay in the teeth when there are no other options available. The problem is that when you bite down, the filling presses against the side of the tooth. The pressure from biting and the sharp angles create stress points around the fillings. With time and use of the tooth, the stress points will eventually break. The breaks cause cracked teeth, lost tooth pieces and broken fillings. The breaks can be small. However, they can also be devastating and cause loss of a tooth.
BioClear fillings are new technique that changes the shape of the filling hole. Instead of creating sharp angles into the tooth, the filling hole is rounded and smooth. There are NO sharp angles at all. These simple and slight changes cause there to be no more stress points around the filling. The elimination of the stress points with the BioClear technique and advances in the white filling bonding have revolutionized white fillings. It has resulted in the following: much smaller fillings needed, tremendous reduction in cracked/fractured teeth, possible treatment for a cracked tooth, longer lasting fillings, and no longer needing to crown root canaled teeth.

Crowns After Root Canals

Unfortunately, sometimes root canals area needed. When they occur, many people are told that they must have a crown placed “as soon as possible.” This is because the dentist wants to protect the tooth from fracturing. A root canaled tooth losses the blood supply to the center of the tooth. Lack of blood flow makes the tooth brittle and vulnerable to fracture. The crown is placed to evenly distribute the forces of your bite around the crown. The problem with this is that a crown is a double edged sword. Yes it distributes the forces on the tooth, but is also causes the dentist to shave down over 75% of the tooth’s structure. This results in a weaker tooth, more likely to break.
The BioClear technique has changed the need to have a crown placed after most root canals. With changes in the shape of the filling holes, there are no longer stress points around the fillings. As a result, a BioClear fillings is viable alternative to a crown. Now we can place a BioClear crown on tooth and preserve as much tooth structure as possible. If it breaks again, we will still have enough tooth structure remaining to do something else other than lose the tooth.

Black Spaces Between Teeth

People hate black spaces in between their teeth. In order to fix the issue, people have many different dental procedures done. Some of these include gum grafts, veneers and crown. These procedures are invasive, time consuming and remove precious tooth structure.

A new alternative would be to have the black holes filled with a BioClear filling. Using the BioClear system, we are able to transform black holes into healthy, and beautiful smile. To make things better, your teeth will not be saved and it can sometimes be completed in one appointment.

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